Creating GOV.UK styled React applications with govuk-react-jsx

The Coronavirus dashboard from Public Health England has used components which were recently open sourced by Surevine. They were developed in order to support a recent government project Surevine worked on which required us to build a GOV.UK styled React app adhering to the GOV.UK Design System. After evaluating the current open source options for … Continued

Working from home & communication

So you’ve now got your basic IT set up at home to get you working productively. But unless you’re a company of 1, you will still need to communicate with your colleagues even if they aren’t co-located. You could all start emailing each other, but that rapidly descends into an awful chain of emails where … Continued

Working from home: Getting started with IT

Current situations mean that a lot of businesses, all of a sudden, are telling employees to work from home. But it’s not as simple as just doing it. There are some basic steps that need to be taken to ensure that you can get set up properly to work from home, and your IT settings … Continued

The 2020 New Starter Experience at Surevine 

I was quite nervous making the move with the triple threat: New industry. Never experienced 100% remote. A move from a very product orientated role to a services agency one. I remember the night before being quite unnerving and lots of “What have I done?!”-style internal monologues. The reality was very different. The onboarding process … Continued

UKGovCamp 2020

Surevine sponsored UKGovCamp again this year and I was lucky enough to attend. UKGovcamp isn’t like a normal conference, in fact it’s the exact opposite. An ‘Unconference’ covering topics in the public sector digital space, with talks pitched on the day.​ Pre-event ​I popped along to the pre-event drinks the night before only to find … Continued

Remote Working, Surevine and My Family

Remote working means something different for everyone in Surevine. For me, there were some very clear reasons as to why remote and flexible working was a must have. I used to work for a mobile app developer in another city in 2014. Buses to and from. I left the house before my eldest got out … Continued

Surevine’s Top Blogs of 2019

What a year it’s been! Over that time, we’ve published 23 blogs to keep you up to date in all things Surevine. To wrap up the year, we thought we’d remind you of what our best blogs of 2019 have been. How to test a React Higher Order Component using react-testing-library and JestExactly what it … Continued

The Wellbeing Project

As part of Surevine’s People Strategy we are working hard on better understanding and supporting our mental health and wellbeing. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health problem each year* and many more people will know or care for people who do. So we have no doubt the importance of … Continued

What a good remote meeting looks like

At Surevine, we pride ourselves in our remote working skills. When somebody new joins the team, we make sure they’re fully equipped with whatever they need to make sure that they can work well in this way. But it’s important to remember that not everyone is used to working like this. So for a remote … Continued

Reflections on Map Camp 2019

This year I was finally able to attend Map Camp 2019 with ~600 other people at Sadlers Wells Theatre, London. Map Camp is a conference for learning the technique of Wardley Mapping, a tool for mapping strategy. I first came across Wardley Maps a couple of years ago through the medium book. I found it … Continued