Surevine’s Top Blogs of 2019

What a year it’s been! Over that time, we’ve published 23 blogs to keep you up to date in all things Surevine. To wrap up the year, we thought we’d remind you of what our best blogs of 2019 have been. How to test a React Higher Order Component using react-testing-library and JestExactly what it … Continued

The Wellbeing Project

As part of Surevine’s People Strategy we are working hard on better understanding and supporting our mental health and wellbeing. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health problem each year* and many more people will know or care for people who do. So we have no doubt the importance of … Continued

What a good remote meeting looks like

At Surevine, we pride ourselves in our remote working skills. When somebody new joins the team, we make sure they’re fully equipped with whatever they need to make sure that they can work well in this way. But it’s important to remember that not everyone is used to working like this. So for a remote … Continued

Reflections on Map Camp 2019

This year I was finally able to attend Map Camp 2019 with ~600 other people at Sadlers Wells Theatre, London. Map Camp is a conference for learning the technique of Wardley Mapping, a tool for mapping strategy. I first came across Wardley Maps a couple of years ago through the medium book. I found it … Continued

Recruitment with Surevine & why we use Sonru

Our recruitment process is one-of-a-kind. That’s not just us saying it: we’ve often been told by the people we’ve hired that one of the reasons they’ve accepted the role is because of the awesome process they’ve gone through. Don’t believe me? Just give our blog on a Day in the Life a read and try … Continued

What we learnt from HackManchester Junior 2019

2 weeks ago, Surevine sponsored HackManchester Junior and I was thrilled to get my second chance to mentor at it. The last time was around 5 years ago and it has grown a lot since then!  Set in the auspicious venue of Science & Industry Museum in Manchester the 2 day event consisted of around … Continued

Techcellence welcomes Caroline Jarrett to the stage

Every week Surevine runs an internal unconference called “Techcellence” where we present and discuss things we have learnt from the previous week. Don’t let the title fool you, we cover a whole range of topics to ensure everyone in the company can get involved.  Last week we had our first external speaker join us. Caroline … Continued

What is Android’s Project Mainline, and what will it do for business?

Here we are in early September, and Android 10 has just been released. It’s got lots of new features that might excite average users: Dark Mode Theming Gesture navigation Inbuilt screen recording WiFi Easy Connect It also contains features for the more technical and security-conscious users Support for 5G networks Peer-to-peer WiFi connections TLS 1.3 … Continued

The 10 things I learnt from remote working

3 months ago, I took the next step in my career and joined Surevine as a Team Lead. There were many things that first attracted me to the company, but one major benefit was that it’s totally remote, and so learning how to work collaboratively whilst remote was a challenge that really interested me. Sureviner’s … Continued

NCSC-backed PhD in Machine Learning and Cyber Security

There is a rare opportunity to contribute to world-class research in two of the hottest topics in Computing right now: Machine Learning and Cyber Security. With a generous, fully-funded PhD studentship at the University of Surrey, officially recognised by the UK Government of one of the UK’s Cyber Academic Centre’s of Excellence, this studentship is … Continued