Engaging school children in STEM subjects

Advancing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is of critical importance to Surevine. Investing in the next generation is a great way to encourage enthusiasm, but it also allows us to share our passion for technology and helps mould the future minds of our industry. Who knows, the kids of today might one day become fully-fledged Sureviners.

Engaging children in STEM subjects

To help address this, Surevine have this year worked with The Smallpeice Trust, whose aim is to give young people everything they need to fuel their passion for engineering, helping to make their big ideas a reality.

Surevine have sponsored 4 ‘Think Kits’ to be sent to state secondary schools. ‘Think Kits’ come with the tools and resources to start a STEM Club for up to 20 students in a school. Each kit complements the National Curriculum in STEM, bringing these subjects to life in new ways. The kits provided to each school will allow the children to build up to 5 powered gliders per kit over a six to eight week period, giving them access to a hands-on STEM challenge. As part of the process, students will sharpen their skills in analytical thinking and responding creatively to briefs. They’ll also learn how to communicate as part of a team, planning their time and organising activities together. Because the kit is aligned to the National Curriculum in STEM, they will also be able to critically evaluate their work using scientific theories and models.

One of the Think Kits that Surevine have sponsored to be sent to a school

After having received a Think Kit, The Barlow RC High School said “Thank you very much for the powered glider kit! I have just opened it up and it looks great. Can’t wait to plan for it when the students are back in September. The students at our school will absolutely love it!”

We look forward to working with The Smallpeice Trust more in the future and developing our STEM education activities further.