Remote working in the pandemic

I know, another blog post about how someone is newly remote working because everyone is scared of other humans. But wait! I was at home already. Surevine is and always has been a Remote First company. There is no office, no building or door with our logo on it (which is frankly a shame, because … Continued

From automation to learning and back again!

In May 2019, I was sat filling in a timesheet on Tempo, wondering yet again if I’d actually done the correct number of hours. Surevine allow flexible working, where you don’t have fixed working patterns or need to stick to a fixed number of hours per day. Just so long as it remains compatible with … Continued

Remote Working, Surevine and My Family

Remote working means something different for everyone in Surevine. For me, there were some very clear reasons as to why remote and flexible working was a must have. I used to work for a mobile app developer in another city in 2014. Buses to and from. I left the house before my eldest got out … Continued

What is Android’s Project Mainline, and what will it do for business?

Here we are in early September, and Android 10 has just been released. It’s got lots of new features that might excite average users: Dark Mode Theming Gesture navigation Inbuilt screen recording WiFi Easy Connect It also contains features for the more technical and security-conscious users Support for 5G networks Peer-to-peer WiFi connections TLS 1.3 … Continued

RLM Nottingham 2019: A Day In The Park

The Scene On May 2nd, the people of Surevine gathered for our quarterly get-together. Tradition states it needs to be somewhere we haven’t been recently, and given the recent influx of staff from Nottingham (4 in the last 18 months, including yours truly), everyone swarmed to the home of Robin Hood for a day of … Continued

A Day In The Life

The most fun you can have whilst being judged by strangers. Let me start by saying that this is a misnomer. It’s a Half-day In The Life. A whole day would be intense, inconvenient for attendees, not to mention expensive for Surevine! I completed my Day In The Life about 8 months ago, and I … Continued