Can we out-innovate the adversary and have secure industry supply chains?

Information sharing and intelligence sharing are vital Public-private partnerships (like the UK’s CiSP which started out in response to private-sector demand) are a testament to that. But public-private interactions are equally vital. Those in the supply chains which produce those capabilities, without which we wouldn’t have the technology required to be able to collect, disseminate and action that … Continued

Remembering the Queen

In 2014, as Founder and CEO of Surevine, I was invited to Buckingham Palace along with other Technology leaders in the UK to represent the best of the UK Cyber Industry. I had the honour of meeting Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, along with Prince Phillip and many other senior members of the Royal Family. My … Continued

ACE and the Vivace Community

Surevine is proud to be a member of the Vivace community and has been since the beginning. What is Vivace? Vivace was created to provide innovative, agile and flexible solutions to problems in the communications data space for the UK’sl aw enforcement agencies. The community is built up of the best and brightest in the … Continued

The virus knows no borders

“The virus knows no borders” said the UK Prime Minister when asked about the threat of EU export restrictions on COVID vaccines. There was an immediate echo of an often repeated mantra in cyber security, that “Cyber is borderless”. Even cyber criminals use the existence of borders to their advantage, to hide their activities or to launch them from … Continued

Remote working in the pandemic

I know, another blog post about how someone is newly remote working because everyone is scared of other humans. But wait! I was at home already. Surevine is and always has been a Remote First company. There is no office, no building or door with our logo on it (which is frankly a shame, because … Continued

Remote working and how to make it work

Remote working; we all know how to do it now, right? To be clear, the forced, suddenly thrust upon us “working-at-home” experience of the last year is not to be confused with how companies have been successfully working remotely for years. Working remotely means someone has thought about it, planned it, designed and nurtured a … Continued

Surevine’s top blogs of 2020

2020 sure didn’t turn out like we expected it to. It’s interesting to take a step back and look at just how much has changed in the space of 1 year. That’s why we’re going through Surevine’s top 5 blogs of 2020, and what we can take from each of them: Surevine wins Cyber Innovation … Continued

From automation to learning and back again!

In May 2019, I was sat filling in a timesheet on Tempo, wondering yet again if I’d actually done the correct number of hours. Surevine allow flexible working, where you don’t have fixed working patterns or need to stick to a fixed number of hours per day. Just so long as it remains compatible with … Continued

Goodbye to TechHub

There are people, customers and businesses that make up such an important part of Surevine’s history that we cannot unpick ourselves from them no matter how much time has passed. And so, hearing that TechHub London went into administration a couple of months ago really hit home. Surevine’s TechHub journey Rewind the clock back to … Continued