Surevine’s top blogs of 2020

2020 sure didn’t turn out like we expected it to. It’s interesting to take a step back and look at just how much has changed in the space of 1 year. That’s why we’re going through Surevine’s top 5 blogs of 2020, and what we can take from each of them:

The techUK Cyber Innovator 2020 Winner's logo

Surevine wins Cyber Innovation Den Pitching Competition

Our proudest moment of 2020! Surevine’s Jodami was chosen as the most innovative product of the year. Above all, it was a fierce competition with challenging questions from the judges, but that just made it all the more rewarding.

Creating Cloudformation stacks in multiple AWS regions with common resources

One from our DevOps team: Max took one of his recent frustrations and turned it into a learning opportunity. Presenting the problem of the strict divides between different regions in AWS and finding the best solution to meet your needs.

Creating GOV.UK styled React applications with govuk-react-jsx

The third top blog examines our love for open source. That passion is no secret, but it extends far and wide into a variety of projects. One of the biggest projects for 2020 was the Coronavirus dashboard for Public Health England. PHE used some of the components that Surevine had open sourced from another government project. Check out the blog and know that if you’re creating a GOV.UK styled React app, our library is there to help.

Remote Working, Surevine and My Family

When this blog was released last January, we had no idea how pertinent it was to come. Surevine initially were seen as making waves in the remote working movement. Therefore, Dan wrote this blog to tell everyone how remote working can make such a difference, especially in his case for his family. In April 2020, 86% of people working from home were doing so because of the pandemic. Although this is under completely different circumstances to why Sureviner’s primarily work from home, this blog can help us understand why some companies have vowed never to return to an office again.

One of the Surevine teams at the Crystal Maze

The 2020 New Starter Experience at Surevine

Finally, another blog written last January. It’s funny reading it now to see how much things have changed: the first day coworking with the team; the second day travelling to London Waterloo to admire WeWork’s DJ and skateboard ramp; and the belated Christmas party for the whole company involving the Crystal Maze and some quality food. Things have obviously changed dramatically since then. Check out our blogs on our remote onboarding or out first remote RLM. However, whilst we have learnt a lot from the changes we’ve had to make, we also can’t wait to get back to onboardings in person.

And that’s it. The top blogs of 2020. We’ll continue to bring you more of what you love in 2021. Let’s see how things will have changed by 2022!