The virus knows no borders

“The virus knows no borders” said the UK Prime Minister when asked about the threat of EU export restrictions on COVID vaccines. There was an immediate echo of an often repeated mantra in cyber security, that “Cyber is borderless”. Even cyber criminals use the existence of borders to their advantage, to hide their activities or to launch them from … Continued

Multi-Agency Working: how collaboration continues to evolve

In May 2017, over 20,000 medical appointments, including critical cancer appointments and heart surgery, were cancelled when the WannaCry ransomware blazed across the UK. The common aspects of what makes the National Health Service “National” left the health service in the UK particularly vulnerable to this attack. It “democratized” cyber: very many of us in … Continued

Coworking, London style

Back in 2008 when we founded Surevine, it seemed natural to us that the collaboration tools we build would enable how we organise ourselves. We set up Surevine to bring the best of what was then emerging in the participative consumer social web (who can remember web2.0?) to the workplace. People were just starting to … Continued

Collaboration isn’t a crime, collusion is

I imagine that as you read this in board rooms across The City, particularly those hit by the $6Bn fines, fists will being banged on highly-polished mahogany tables demanding that access to collaboration technology be denied to those working in the bank. The argument will be that this needs to be done in order to … Continued

Digital Services Framework: resisting Pessimistic Procurement

Surevine are a young SME that slightly pre-dates both G-Cloud and the Digital Services Framework (DSF).  We started in 2008. Back then, we were confronted by UK Government Procurement teams that were pessimist.  We discovered that Procurement Officers had adopted contracts based on templates from the Government Procurement Service (now Crown Commercial Service – CCS). … Continued

Surevine Q&A: Stuart Murdoch

Credentials Role Founder & CEO Joined Surevine Before it was born The questions… What is your ‘alternative’ job title? Curiosity Curator How would you sum up your role in one sentence? Creating an environment which enables our teams to get the best out of one another, so they can keep making smart and innovative technology … Continued

Dispersing the FUD and being Open minded

Bubbling away on my social networks this morning was commentary on a so-called “open source vs. commercial software for CMS” decision tree. Surevine’s approach to working in the open means amongst other things that that we are thoughtful advocates of open source.  We encourage our customers to explore open source options and inspire them to … Continued

Tools for joining up a distributed workforce

“What tools do you find most useful for joining up a distributed workforce…?” …asked a friend, and I thought it would be better to share my thoughts here than stick it in an e-mail. Portable computing No desktops: laptops with docking stations Hyper portable laptop: solid state disks and light means you can take it … Continued

An open challenge the UK technology industry should embrace

Surevine have been asked to contribute our feedback on the the Beta of the Government Digital Service’s Design Manual. In the spirit of Surevine’s model of “working in the open” I have chosen to blog about it here, and forward a copy of this blog to Intellect for their consideration. We think… Intellect should support … Continued

“A quiet life stimulates the creative mind”

There are two full floors of TechHub goodness at the Google Campus in London. One is studious and conducive to knowledge work. The other is like a nineties rave with music blaring from speakers, and people goofing off… …or perhaps its that one is sterile, boring, like a stuffy old library and the other is … Continued