Remembering the Queen

In 2014, as Founder and CEO of Surevine, I was invited to Buckingham Palace along with other Technology leaders in the UK to represent the best of the UK Cyber Industry.

Stuart Murdoch (CEO) meeting Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace
Stuart Murdoch, meeting Queen Elizabeth

I had the honour of meeting Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, along with Prince Phillip and many other senior members of the Royal Family. My abiding memories of that occasion were of her grace, her captivating smile, and the genuine sense that we were in her family home.

Like many other people, I have known no other head of state in the UK, and it is strange to wake up to a United Kingdom without her. I want to take the opportunity to express my deepest sympathies for her family, friends, her staff and all of those of us who were touched by her example of dignity, decency and faithful servant leadership.

May she Rest in Peace.