A wake up call (for me, and UK IT skills)

I’ve discovered that the best encouragement to get me out of the bed like a shot in the morning is the business briefing just after the news at 6am on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4. Unfortunately sometimes lethargy wins out and I find myself half hearing some of it,which was the case yesterday … Continued

Love is…

I was enthusing about one of my favourite books “Como agua para chocolate” a novel infused with Magic Realism, written by Laura Esquivel, and released as a film, directed by Alfonso Arau, in 1992. Each of the twelve chapters (one for each month) starts with a recipe, and in the story, the emotional state of … Continued

The Intranet: anti-social network?

I pitched a session for the first day of the UKGovCamp unconference which was broadly about ‘Social’ Intranets. The byline was “Intranets as if people mattered: people-centric rather than document (or other content) centric collaboration.” We had such a good turn out that we formed a raiding party and commandeered a bigger room next door … Continued

Making the unknown, known

I tested my patience and waited for an eternity for my Apple TV to download the film Unknown .  I really enjoyed it, and so it was worth the wait.  Whilst waiting for it to download, and thinking enviously of the World’s fastest Internet connection which Virgin have installed at the TechHub, I found myself … Continued

Making time for the Makers at Surevine

Alan Sugar, in a recent episode of The Apprentice on BBC, said that in his experience, no Engineer had ever built a successful business. His outburst provoked an amused reaction from those who recognise the contribution Engineers have made and continue to make to the economy and society in general. But it got me thinking: … Continued

Silence is golden

Here at Surevine we have evolved what we call a ‘heads up, not heads down’ culture.  That seems both logical and necessary for us because: We work in a radically de-centralized fashion. Most Surevine people spend most of their time working from a workspace in their home (none quite cool enough to have made it … Continued

Microblogging; an ongoing conversation

The moment I got out of our meeting with the client today, I performed the first of my usual mobile-OCD rituals: I checked out the Surevine Yammer updates. The iPhone Yammer App reported 22 in just 2 hours, which is good going, I thought.  As I started to weave through them, a familiar doubt started … Continued