ACE and the Vivace Community

A sticker naming Surevine as a community member of Ace powered by Vivace.

Surevine is proud to be a member of the Vivace community and has been since the beginning.

What is Vivace?

Vivace was created to provide innovative, agile and flexible solutions to problems in the communications data space for the UK’sl aw enforcement agencies.

The community is built up of the best and brightest in the security domain. When a customer identifies a problem, Vivace seeks the best possible solution by using this community to deliver innovative solutions from across the security landscape.

By reaching across the community, Vivace is able to shorten the development cycle and provides law enforcement with the best solutions available to meet their needs.

What is ACE?

The ACE (Accelerated Capability Environment) is a Home Office unit within the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT). The initiative was set up in early 2017, powered by Vivace, to solve the fast-changing digital and technological challenges facing law enforcement and national security agencies.

ACE is a partnership between the public and private sectors, reaching out across the whole of the Vivace community. ACE applies its approach of industry-led innovation and co-creation to public safety and security challenges. It has successfully delivered solutions in fields such as counter-terrorism, the insider threat in critical national infrastructure, the prevention of online child sexual abuse and exploitation, cybercrime and border security.

The logo for ACE, powered by Vivace

Why are Surevine a part of it?

There are many reasons why Surevine is proud to be a part of this community. Primarily it is an excellent way for Government customers to access the kind of agile innovations that only small and medium sized enterprises, like Surevine, can deliver. Not only does this provide us with a direct access to customers, and an understanding of their needs, but we can also collaborate with other members of the community to apply diverse thinking to the challenges within this domain.