NCSC-backed PhD in Machine Learning and Cyber Security

There is a rare opportunity to contribute to world-class research in two of the hottest topics in Computing right now: Machine Learning and Cyber Security. With a generous, fully-funded PhD studentship at the University of Surrey, officially recognised by the UK Government of one of the UK’s Cyber Academic Centre’s of Excellence, this studentship is … Continued

Happy International Coworking Day!

Coworking, collaborating and celebrating We LOVE coworking. Surevine set out to be a remote-only company and kit out every employee with everything they need to make their home workspace the best they have ever worked in, but we also recognise that for some people that doesn’t work, so we insist that everyone has a local … Continued

Surevine’s 10th Anniversary: A word with the founders

With our 10th Anniversary finally here (well the actual date was last October, but we’ve just had our big bash to celebrate it), we thought it would be a great to speak to the 2 people that have been Sureviners since before Surevine was even a thing. In case you didn’t already know, Stuart Murdoch … Continued

Happy 10th Anniversary to us!

This week we’re celebrating 10 years of being Surevine, and so we thought it would be great to look back and look at the key points in our history going back to our roots. 17/10/08 – Date of incorporation and we became a real company 01/01/11 – Joined TechHub and the London Hub was formed … Continued

NISD: One year on

It has been a year since 10th May 2018 when the Network and Information Systems Directive (NISD) was due to have been transposed into law by each of the EU Member States. Whilst this didn’t quite make the same headlines as GDPR (which is also now one year old), it has raised some serious implications … Continued

Surevine integrates with MISP to enhance information sharing and collaboration

Recent Research and Development has resulted in Surevine’s Threatvine Hub being able to seamlessly integrate with the MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform). Threatvine Hub is a next generation cyber-security information sharing platform designed for secure cross-organisational collaboration and collaborative intelligence analysis. Communities built on Threatvine enable individuals to share information with each other on a … Continued

CyberUK19: Surevine head to Glasgow!

CyberUK 2019, the UK Government’s flagship cyber security event (and possibly one of Surevine’s flagship events too) is done for another year. Hosted by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), this year it travelled up to Glasgow following a very successful event in Manchester for 2018.  Surevine’s week started off making the trip to the … Continued

Arctic Security and Surevine add integrations to boost threat intelligence sharing and collaboration

Cybersecurity incidents and new regulation are driving authorities and enterprises to invest more in threat intelligence sharing and collaboration. To support this effort Arctic Security and Surevine have integrated their solutions for swift and effective incident detection, response and prevention. Arctic Security’s products automate handling of threat data and indicators of compromise in order provide … Continued

RSA Conference 2019: Better

Surevine are once again attending RSA Conference – the biggest cyber event globally. We go because it’s a unique opportunity to connect with people from all over the world, and get a sense of what’s the latest in the “business” of cyber security. There are many rising issues that cybersecurity faces: from new regulations, to … Continued

The Happy Medium in the Digital World

Last month, more than 30 million mobile phone users found out that they could not get access to their data service. Customers were outraged at no longer being immediately able to obtain all they information they needed at their fingertips. But of course 5 years ago, this wouldn’t have had quite the same impact. The … Continued